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Thank you for your interest in the services of Corporate Armor.
To put us to work for you, please complete the following form and submit it online or print and fax it to us.

: If you would like a Nevada Limited Liability Company (LLC) please click here
The name of your Nevada Corporation is to be:
1st Choice:
2nd Choice: 3rd Choice:

Full and complete name of person to be appointed original director.
If a Corporate Armor nominee director is sought, leave blank.
Name of Director:

Please indicate each service you require:
Resident Agent Service (billed annually)
A Nevada Resident Agent is required by law.
Initial Incorporation Service, L.L.C., L.P. or G.P Includes $75.00 filing fee
Does NOT include $125.00 fee for Initial List of Officers or Resident Agent Fee.
Certified Copy of Incorporation Articles .$30.00 
Initial List of Officers (Members or Managers)$125.00 
Corporate Record Book$90.00 
Senior Executive Service (one year)$1,100.00 
Senior Executive Service (one year) -- $600.00 now, $600.00 in six months$600.00 
Junior Executive Service (one year)$750.00 
Junior Executive Service (one year) -- $400.00 now, $400.00 in six months$400.00 
Nominee Officer (billed annually) Does NOT include filing fee $300.00 
EIN Service$100.00 
Supporting Office ServicesInquire 
Rush Service (24 hours)$175.00 
Total Amount of Order:$ 

I would like to pay with a credit card through PayPal. I understand that Silver Shield Services, Inc. will send me a bill via e-mail that will have instructions on how to pay with a credit card.

I would like to pay by check and will mail it today. I understand that if I print out this order form and fax it along with a copy of the check to 775-577-4429 that Silver Shield Services, Inc. will process my order today while I mail the check. (You will still need to press the submit button.)

How did you hear about Corporate Armor?      
If referred by a person, who was that person?

In order for us to serve you better, please indicate what subjects are most valuable to you?
Tax Savings Tax Code Revisions Judgement Proofing Financing
Privacy Estate Planning Corporate Formalities Legal Impacts

I understand that Nevada Corporations are managed by a Board of Directors, each of whom must be at least 18 years of age. A Corporation is only required to have one Director but may have more if desired. I further understand that the Corporation will be authorized to issue 75,000 shares of stock with no par value.

I hereby appoint Corporate Armor as the Resident or Statutory Agent of record in Nevada for my newly formed Corporation. Said appointment shall be for the term of one (1) year renewable indefinitely thereafter until canceled. Discount registration fees will normalize after the first year of service.

I understand that Corporate Armor and/or its officers or employees are not to provide me with legal advice, assistance or counseling and NONE is sought. However, I may from time to time seek your advice and consultation on business matters according to your best judgement.

You must check this box to acknowledge the above information.

If faxing this form, please sign and print your name:

Signature: ________________________________ Printed Name: ________________________________
As final evidence of your appointment and authority to proceed at once IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I HEREBY SET MY NAME.

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